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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Where have I Been? Nowhere!

It's official I am back! I know that you must have missed my daily diatribe of the gallerys highs and lows. I have been busy trying to have time off. In the words of the youth of today I achieved an 'epic fail'. It really didn't pan out that way. I ended up with one day, that other than answer a few emails completely free of gallery related chores.
It took me three days to fill the holes left by the last exhibition. That was depressing in itself. I am going to insist that I am in charge of hanging in the future because astonishingly Sharon does in fact know best.
So it's just as well that I have booked my summer holiday today. I will be going on an underwater adventure to swim with dolphins and turtles hopefully. I cannot wait.
The big news is that there is a new exhibition starting today which I hope that you will come and see. It is full of nudes so if that sounds right up your alley please to come and see it. I resisted the urge to call my blog Privates View. but it made me smile so I had to mention it.

I will be serving Pimms and nibbles from 4.00 until 7.00 so please come and join us and see some great art at the same time.
It is a sculpture and painting show, something for fans of both 2D and 3D art. I have already selected my favourite pieces but as per usual they are so beyond my price range I will have to just make the most of admiring them for the two weeks that they are at the gallery.

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