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Monday, 11 June 2012

No, I Am Not Doing A Hockney!!

My drawing that is nothing like Hockney!

Ok this is my time to shine! Well I may have to keep that to the occasional glimmer. I had a great afternoon yesterday drawing the string quartet in Corfe. I have to say that I have never done anything quite like it but it was really enjoyable. I bought some technology to the occasion and produced many of my drawings on my iPad. I love the immediacy of it and the outcomes were all pretty good. I will be displaying them as part of the exhibition I was talking about yesterday.
I am wondering if the title of my blog means anything to anybody yet. Several people yesterday said that I was doing a Hockney. I have been drawing on my Apple devices since the iPhone 2g model. So is Hockney doing a Sharon? I hope that what I produced blows that comparison out of the water as they are not even remotely similar.
I posted one of my drawings on Facebook yesterday and it had 34 likes in a really short space of time so that made me very happy. It's like a mini one piece exhibition with instant feedback. I am going to buy a monitor for digital display at the gallery. I can then bore everybody with the hundreds of drawings that I have produced on my iPad 1 and 2.
I want to be involved in some more of those drawing activities as they are very challenging but inspirational at the same time.
I will include my drawing for your perusal. Well done to Do Michell for getting everybody on board and getting some fantastic new art as a result of it. Come and see it at the gallery very soon.

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