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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Please Support Local Arts and Crafts This Weekend!

It was never going to be easy, but it was never meant to be this hard! I stole that from a song. I am waiting for the delivery of work for the next exhibition and this is always the nerve wracking part.
You need to have sufficient to put on a good show but just enough not too much.

Having shown really large work in the last few months I guess I am just use to the space being filled up.
I have to say on the plus side the work that I have got already is fantastic and it certainly is diverse. I have a personal favourite but I am not going to divulge who it is until the show has been seen by the masses.
Every exhibition there is one piece that I just love, with Mark Lloyd's show Dystopia it was the piece called 'History Repeats Itself in the Realms of the Digital Revolution'. So now you know!

Size really does matter! Or does it, I think small can be beautiful I must do otherwise I'd work much bigger.
It makes me nervous about my own show in it's tiny frames and boxes. Good job I've got some large scale pics to fill the space. Well I will have when I have finished drawing them.
On that note I am going to get on and do some actual work. I hope that you can make it to the Private View of the Purbeck Collective on Saturday it would be good to see you there.
If you are however Bournemouth bound you should definitely check out some friends of mine who have got Open Studios this weekend. They will have plenty of variety with unique gift opportunities there and they would really appreciate the support.

Locally The Boilerhouse in Corfe are holding an event on Sunday so get along to that if you want to see some unique.

I am fully supporting the whole ethos of buying bespoke and unique handmade gifts this Christmas so if you want me to plug them on my Facebook page or on here then just get in touch I will do that free of charge and it will be my pleasure.
I think that has everyone I know about covered! Please support local Arts and Crafts!

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