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Monday, 17 December 2012

Purbeck Collective Exhibition

Is it bad that I can't remember if I wrote a blog on Saturday or not! If I didn't, then how lucky are you?
When there is a catalogue of things that go wrong and you want to just pull the duvet up over your head and stay in bed. Nothing cures that like going to work, unless that is followed by more things going wrong.
Oh well, I'll just carry on with the day! A few more visitors to the Purbeck Collective Winter Exhibition over the last few days. Thanks to all that have braved the weather and road works, your attendance is greatly appreciated.

I am starting to develop some ideas about how I am going to approach the refurbishments at the gallery.
I'm going to work from back to front. The office needs a tart up and then the studio needs a few jobs done.
If anyone fancies doing a bit of painting then just let me know.
I will be open right up to Christmas so it is never too late to pop in and find a late present. I have jewellery, ceramics, wood carving, stone carving, paintings and prints so there really is a great variety to choose from.
I am off to do some of my own work now.
That's not true, actually I had to send an email that was asking a very big favour so I stopped blogcrastinating did that and came back to this.
Featuring two pictures from Shirley Walker. Come and see the show for yourself.

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