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Monday, 3 December 2012

Give Someone The Gift of Creativity This Christmas!

If you have missed me then you need to try and hit me harder! I have been off sick and now I am returned. The gallery was in very capable hands, thanks Shirley.
Mark's exhibition has now ended....it was fantastic and I hope that you managed to see it. I am gearing up for the next exhibition and that will be starting on Saturday.
My tree is now up and when I got it out of the box I have to tell you that I let out a fairly huge sigh as I realised how much assembly it actually required.
If I buy a tree in a box I expect on opening said box to join three fake bits of tree together and 'hey presto' a christmas tree stands before me.
I do not expect to have to spend an hour attaching individual branches that are colour coded in order of attachment. I am not joking, I wish I was. Each layer had 6 branches with five colour codes, that need to be bent into shape. BAH HUMBUG!
Just wading through the admin that piles up in my absence.
I need to remind everybody that the gallery will be closing on a Monday in 2013. I need to free up the week for teaching. Please remember this if you are planning to come and see some of the fantastic exhibitions I have got lined up for 2013.
I am selling Gift Vouchers for workshops in 2013 they are a great gift as they may be the start of a new hobby that gets people involved in the arts locally.
WE NEED YOU......aspiring artists and people that just want to have a go. Discounts available for multiple purchases.
I hope you like my cheesy title! I have been watching the adverts I'm learning a thing or two.

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