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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

70,000 Page Views Not Too Shabby!

I get a bad case of the guilts when I don't blog even though I know that my readership fluctuates more than this current double dip recession. I did start to write one yesterday but the scratchy throat, itchy ears and runny nose meant my ability to string a sentence together was virtually non existent.
I am totally ok with the fact that I write winners and losers though as it is a promise that I made to myself and two years in I have nearly written a blog a day.
Some are definitely better than others but I am only human (mostly).
I see it as my part of my current job to keep up to date with the latest developments in the art world and the link below is an interesting read.
As I teacher I was always perturbed by the removal of the core skills from the art curriculum. They were not removed completely but they were swept under the beautiful textile rug. By core skills I mean the old fashioned things such as drawing, composition and perspective. I have met degree students studying Fine Art who have not had to produce any drawing whatsoever throughout their degree. How is that possible?
You may go on to become the most abstract conceptual artist that the world has ever known but a grounding in real skills is important. So that you can apply your understanding to whatever you produce.
This article discusses the bursting of the shock factor bubble. I should add at this point I am not saying I whole heartedly agree with the article because I do not. But I do think it is interesting and you might too.

Entering the final few days of the current exhibition so if you can come and see it before it is gone. But I am already gearing up for the next one so check out the gallery Facebook page and get an idea of what is coming next.

Workshop Gift Vouchers are now available at the gallery they are the perfect gift as they will allow someone to learn a new skill, hone an old one and definitely provide them with a life long hobby.
An additional incentive is that all the workshop prices will be rising next year but vouchers bought this year will last for 12 months.

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