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Monday, 26 November 2012

Hectic But Happy

Eliza Simpson

It has been an eventful morning with a surprising amount of visitors and a really long phone call to  Yell.com. I wonder how many times I have to say that I have got no money and that I am tied into a contract etc before they realise that I am not going to say yes right away. Even though in his defence he came up with some very good ideas that I think would be great for the gallery. I think that there are some definite possibilities. I'll have a good chat with my 'business partner' and I might go for it next year.
If you want to keep people interested then you have to give them free stuff. Well, that's not exactly true but you get the general idea. There will be offers available via the website so it will be worth your while checking in with it from time to time. Especially if you are planning to do a workshop.

It has been a busy few days with lots of teaching and driving. I am mobile again which is a good thing.
I always feel bad when I don't write a blog but I haven't got the skill to magic time out of nowhere.
I have spent the day doing the biggest amount of choredom that I have done in a very a long time.
That being said there isn't really much news, other than Mark Lloyd's exhibition is entering its last week. Please come and see it before it is gone.
The artist featured in todays blog is the ceramacist Eliza Simpson, she will be showing some of her new pieces in the Purbeck Collectives Winter Exhibition.
You should make sure you see it as they are really gorgeous.

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