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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Art Rage Us!

Wow! I hardly had time to get through the door before I was asked essentially 'What's the point of art?'.
I then proceeded to have in depth art conversation. To say I wasn't ready would be an understatement. I produce art because I feel the need to. It is something that I feel compelled to do. I have famine and feast moments in terms of the production as it is reliant on how busy the gallery keeps me.
I was asked what is your work trying to say? Some of it is trying to say something and some of it is trying to say nothing. Specifically what it is trying to say is hard to pin down. (Especially before coffee number three)

Does the viewer need to understand the back story in order to like it? Two years in and I am going to say a definitive no! Some people are interested but I don't think it will change someones mind from dislike to like. I think they will gain a better appreciation of the work and understand it.
I think if they have made their mind up to own it they are generally interested in finding out more about the artist and their process.

There are lots of artists whose work I am impressed by, the technical skill, use of colour etc but would I want to own it (even if I had the money) not necessarily.
That is what art education is for though. I remember at 14 my favourite artists were all working in a very representational way. Depicting things as they actually are/were. I thought abstract art was an abomination created by people who could not really draw or paint. That is fact!

Then I grew up, and saw things differently and was taught how to see to a certain extent. Now very rarely am I moved by figurative art that accurately depicts life as it is. It has something to do with not being able to bring anything of myself to it. That it gives me too many answers and doesn't ask enough questions.

If you paint something that is photo realistic what is it you are trying to say? Look at me I am very skilled technically and I can paint something so well, it looks exactly like the photograph that I copied from. And......................?
I'm just saying.

Anyway, I like art and that's all, some of it more than others. I am guessing it's exactly the same for you! If you would like to discuss the topics raised in this blog any further then please free to ask the questions asked to any artists that you know. However, that does not include me!

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