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Monday, 5 November 2012

No Bloggy and a Very Sick Moggy!

Don't blame me, blame my erratic internet connection. So the textiles show has finished but that does not mean that the gallery is not full of exciting new images. Well technically, it isn't full as of yet but give it a day or two and there will be some stunning new work on display.
It is Mark Lloyds show that starts on Saturday we will take our time hanging it because it will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery.
It is going to be edgy and challenging and I should imagine it will raise a few eyebrows but that's exactly what I hope it does.
There will be those that won't like it as it isn't a beautifully painted seascape but art is not all about beautifully painted seascapes is it?
My aim has always been to champion the work of an eclectic mix of practitioners who work in a range of media and work with diverse subject matter.
I do not want to play it safe and provide Dorset with yet another gallery full of 'nice' art. That isn't to say that I don't want to show fantastically produced beautiful art because I do.
But every now and again I want to push a few buttons, get a few tongues wagging and fulfil my role as a curator/educator.
My rant is over come and see for yourselves. That is why I am here.

My few days off didn't happen as Merlin my cat decided he'd like a mini break at the veterinary hospital! Nice of him I thought, slightly more pricey than my planned visit to Cornwall. £156 a night which did include bed and breakfast, some interesting fur shaving and a drip. (At the Vets) I do curse the day the black cat came to town. He may well bankrupt me way before the double dip recession that we are in or out of depending on what you believe.

My gallery windows are going to be looking interesting let me know what you think if you pass them!

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