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Saturday, 17 November 2012

People Are Back in Swanage....Phew!

It's That Time Already!

I am happy to report that people are ignoring the fact that the ferry is off and are once again setting foot in Swanage. Phew! A steady flow of people through the door today, Mark will be pleased.
I have spent the morning doing my favourite thing, well it's on the list of my favourite things. I have had a good clean and organise. When space is at a premium you have to keep on top of the cleaning. Especially when you now are looking after a whole collection of paintings.
I have got more work going today which is good. I am aiming for having absolutely nothing here other than Stephen's and my own work.
I thought I was going to share something interesting with you but apparently the site is temporarily down, maybe on Monday.
I have been noticing that all of the local businesses are already fully decked out for Christmas. I suppose I will have to follow suit. I can't believe that it is here already.
I have got to buy a new tree as I broke the last one trying to cram it into the box. I've had a black one but this year I think that I am going to go for white.
I've found these awesome baubles that are perfect but they are a bit pricey. But I think they are worth it.

I am getting plenty of enquiries about iPad art apps. If you are the proud new owner of an iPad well done! Whilst I am very happy to share my knowledge I do run classes and they are very reasonably priced. If you do the maths, if five people take 30 minutes per person of my time that's wages I'm losing out on.
I am going to have to be more business minded if I am to survive. It shall be my New Years Resolution. You all know how I relish being tough and business like! NOT!

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