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Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Saga Continues!

Heather Gibbons

Having to do some pretty shoddy DIY in order to make my internet work, I am disappointed to have to report, it's still rubbish! Why is the ethernet cable that they supply never long enough?
Swanage is quaint and lovely but come on BT drag us into the 21st Century it's what we all want and need.
My internet is so slow at the moment that I can't update my website because the connection times out mid upload.
Guess what one of the main jobs that I need to get done sooner rather than later is?
Instead of being sat in front of a computer I am going to get on and do some more work for my exhibition.
The internet has just disappeared again. There's a big red bar across the top of my screen that tells me this when I am writing.

If you are at a loss for things to do this weekend there is the fantastic Swanage Comedy Club event at the Legion on Saturday night. You could make a day of it, visit me, fish and chips for tea, finished off with some comedy!
I hope to mobile again next week as that is greatly hindering my entire life. Minty the mini is being taken off the road for bad behaviour. I will be fixing her up and then moving her on. That does make me sad but we have had a good innings.

Remember that Mark Lloyd is still at the gallery for a bit longer so do come and see his excellent exhibition.
I will be featuring pictures from the people involved in the next exhibition over the next few days to give you an idea what will be on show in the PAC Winter Exhibition. Today is the very intuitive painter Heather Gibbons. This is my personal favourite.


  1. I really like heather gibson's work. Reminds me of the wartime avant gardes like Paul Nash. http://www.swanageseen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/nash1.jpg

    Dorset really does have done top class talent.

  2. Hi JR,
    Thanks for your comment. The PV for that show is the 8th of Dec should be busy as it features 15 locals. Come along if you can. I like it too it has an honesty that I admire.