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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mark Lloyd - Dystopia Is Here and It's Now!

Mark Lloyd

Another eventful day at the gallery. I really wish that I had got a webcam up to record the reactions of people to Robin Beuscher's work. It would have made hilarious viewing, if you didn't see them then I am sorry to say that they have now been replaced by Mark Lloyd's fantastic new exhibition.

I now realise the full potential of the windows in between shows and I will be looking for  artists to give me window fillers for in between exhibitions.
There will only one criteria and that is that the work must be eye catching and preferably provocative.
I want to get people talking and challenge their perceptions of what art is.
I am not expecting people to love it, I do want them to find it interesting and if it gets them talking about it then it has done it's job.

After several false starts with hanging Marks very first painting it all went up like a dream.
I have probably told you that I hate drilling holes in my walls, needless to say I still do. I am however an excellent filler inner, and sander and then painter.
He is very happy with it and so am I. Let's exhibit some great art and I'll settle for that.

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