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Monday, 19 November 2012

Down Get Down, Get Up!

Happy Monday! Happy Monday? I'm not sure, but I hope that you are having a good one. I have spent the morning trying to wade through admin. It's like dancing in a swimming pool. You can just see my arms waving about and you aren't sure whether I am drowning or not.
Big businesses are surely going to be the downfall of little businesses. They are inflexible and not that helpful.
Just keep taking my money and give me a rubbish service in return. Thanks for that.
Imagine if I did that.......people buy a painting and when they come to collect it I say thanks very much for the cash would you like this shoe box instead? No it's not what you paid for but it is what I have decided to give you anyway.
I'd be closed in a matter of days. But apparently that is what big businesses do.
My internet is saying that it isn't currently working which is great as I am half way through writing this. I have changed wifi channels several times today and they are all running at a jurassic pace. Which means so slowly that it is trapped in rock and may only speed up if a fossil hunter unearths it and shows it the light of day.
Enough moaning, and let's have some things to look forward to. Do come and see Mark Lloyd's show before it goes. It will not be wasted journey I promise.

Mark Lloyd

The Purbeck Art Collective will be my last exhibition of the year and it is shaping up to be a nice diverse exhibition. If you are struggling to think of that unique gift for someone then you best make sure that you visit this exhibition. The prices will allow for every budget and you must support local artists and crafts people as they are producing bespoke pieces that you will not find in any High Street shops. Although I am technically on the High Street.

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