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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Jim Hunter A Great Exhibition!

I am thinking of livening up my day by running a sweepstake on what is the quickest time for a visit  to the gallery. They vary anywhere from 50 seconds to 10 minutes. That's an awfully big difference. One has to wonder what you actually see in 50 seconds. The truth is probably just enough to realise that it is not for you. How can you tell with such a cursory glance? Super quick art appreciation.

I want to tell you how great this exhibition is because it is great. It might actually be my favourite this year bar my own of course but that kind of goes without saying. I think it makes such a difference when an artist fully embraces the idea of their exhibition and carefully considers the way they want it to look. The crisp white frames beautifully encapsulate the  loose watercolour and collage. It's a uniformity of approach which made this exhibition such a joy to hang. I have said it before and I will say it again. The way you present your work really does make all the difference, see for yourself.

It continues to be busy, which is great. Good feedback about the work. It definitely helps that the weather forecast predicts a good consistent run of good weather. People are far more likely to visit galleries and not just the beach.

I have spent the last two hours tearing and folding pages for a a new handmade sketchbook which I will get bound in the next couple of weeks.
I really like using my own sketchbooks, the one I made today has all different kinds of paper in it.

I hope that you have got plenty of outdoor activities planned for this weekend. I intend to spend the day at the beach tomorrow. Not sure about getting in the see though.

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