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Friday, 19 July 2013

Last of The Milk Sniffers and Window Smudgers.

2nd Draft still needs work but nearly there.

I am sorry for my absence but in my defence I have been very busy. You can see the fruits of my labour, I have some serious tweaks to do as I do not have the layout quite right. But it gives you an idea of what it could look like.

It is that time of year where I become suspicious of milk and I am plagued by suntan lotion hands and faces on my windows. Why do I become suspicious of milk? It goes of quicker in the summer and I am guilty of being a fridge swigger. Admittedly there is only me drinking the milk at the gallery. A mouthful of sour milk is vile.

Jim Hunter's exhibition is drawing to an end and it has been a fantastic show. Plenty of visitors have come from far and wide to see it. Plenty of comments in the book about what a great show it is lets hope that we end it with a few more sales.

My advice is if you are planning to come to Swanage at the weekend get up nice and early otherwise you could queue for the ferry for ages. 

I am going to end with a few words of advice. We have now entered an extremely advanced technical age that has allowed us all to become proficient AMATEUR photographers. Liking taking pictures does not make you a photographer, it makes you someone who likes taking pictures. There is a difference. Pushing images through Photoshop filters to make them appear creative only works if the image is strong in the first place. Like any other profession, in order to call yourself it you must hone your skills. This does not happen over night, it takes commitment and dedication. Expect to take thousands of photographs to get a handful that are truly inspirational.
I do not know a great deal about photography but I do know that there's a lot more to than meets the eye. This is largely to my good friend  and in house photographer Tom Wishart telling me at every available opportunity. Check out his website  http://www.onethousandwords.co.uk/

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe.

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