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Friday, 12 August 2011

I'm Flagging, It Must Be Friday!

I looked at the titles of all of my blogs yesterday and do you know what I realized? I am positively addicted to the exclamation mark! I really am! I don't think I have written one blog that hasn't had an exclamation mark in the title. What is wrong with exclaiming all the time? Nothing, I guess.
Yesterday 35 people came through the door of the gallery and today there have only been 10. I would always if asked anticipate that Friday would be busier than Thursday and it would seem that I would be wrong.
I've been working my way through my numerous lists of things to do and I am pleased to report that I have done everything that I needed to.
I have made sure that the office is nice and sparkly for my gallery sitters next week. I'm going to make sure that they have everything they need so they can enjoy the gallery experience. It is quite a mellow place to spend the day.
I am trying hard to motivate myself to some work but the lethargy has come over me and I could quite happily go and have a nice lie down.

As you all know that I like to publicize local art events and why should today be any different. Some friends of the gallery will be taking part in a sculpture exhibition at the end of this month. The poster above gives you all the names and dates. I urge you to go along and support the sculptors as they are often under represented in the arts. I hope to go to the opening of this show, I love going to look at the work of others it is so inspirational.
I am now thinking about what drawing materials to take with me on holiday. I would ideally like to take my iPad as it has every 2D material I could ever want to use at my fingertips. But I also know that as I spend so much time in the water leaving an expensive bit of kit unguarded on a beach can only end in tears. So I think I will revert to type and take a trusty sketchbook. 
I have been stockpiling books to take with me. I am an avid reader and I need to allow at least a book a day. I have five but I think that I'll probably get through at least one on the journey. On my last holiday I read the 'Girl with the Dragon tattoo' trilogy. No that's what I call holiday reading. I would welcome any suggestions for books that might challenge me a little intellectually as I am prone to reading literary bubblegum. Hence my ability to read them so quickly. Thrillers are my favourite genre. I make it my mission to make sure I read all the Booker Prize nominees/winners they are generally a much slower read.
Anyway, I hope that you have a great weekend and if you are stuck for something to do. Come and see me at the gallery. I think that you will love this current exhibition.  

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  1. Neah!....As my Blog says....
    I read anything to do with the Mafia or Gangsters.....! OR...
    Care Bears and Ladybird books.....WELL...
    When you have the IQ of a rock'in horse....
    Just don't have the patience to read a story book....Shame, but got better things to dooooo!
    "Mary avait un petit agneaci, alors que son pere abatttu le berger".....
    You have a great weekend toooooo! :0).