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Friday, 26 August 2011

I'm Hungry!

To say I have been busy is an absolute understatement. I am just contemplating lunch and it is 3.20. Who would have thought that one week off could leave such a trail of admin in its wake. Maybe I should rethink the whole idea of going on holiday too often as I am rather hating the whole spending a complete day in front of the computer.
Whilst constantly yearning for the sun and sea.
Well, entries for the Colour Open are coming in thick and fast I am pleased to report. I always get excited at this point as I have to start to think about the whole lot is going to work together. The Private View will be at 6.00 on Saturday 3rd September. It would be lovely to see you.

I would like to put my time to good use and produce some new work for this show but I am not entirely sure whether I am going to pull it off or not. My list of Things To do was at an all time high today with no less than 30 things on it. I have ticked off 18 things so still another 12 to do.
I am not going to be at the gallery tomorrow as I will be attending the PAWF Wash Up Meeting. So if you are planning a visit I will be doing the late shift from 3.30 until 5.30.
I had better stop writing my blog and get round to the 12 outstanding jobs.
Do you think people mean it when they say that they will be back? I am starting to believe that this might be a convenient white lie told to gallery owners. If it is I totally understand it as I am sure that at some point I have said the same to some hopeful business owner about a potential purchase.
I have been asked whether I would run a pay it off in monthly installments scheme. What do you think? I worry that it would over complicate things and potentially could be disastrous if people failed to pay up. Or  maybe I keep the work until they do?
Any comments you might have would be gratefully received.
I am off to do my chores. I hope that you all enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend, and for all you teachers out there the countdown is on.

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