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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Sun Keeps Them On The Beaches!

It Is Lovely Here!

All quiet on the gallery front. It has been another fairly uneventful day. I know I always ask for the weather to be nice but the truth is that I am much busier when it isn't. But as I am not a selfish individual I am happy that the sun is out and that people here on holiday can actually enjoy the seaside.
So, what goes up must come down. A fairly swift turn around this time with the old show coming down on Thursday and the new one going up on Thursday. That'll make life interesting for me.
I have already invited you once but I will again as the times I ask the more likely you are to actually come.
The Private View will be on Saturday night from 6.30 I think I will be serving Pimms and nibbles. It would be great to see you there.
When you're hot you're hot apparently. I have had yet another enquiry about a booking for next year things are really looking good. I may be able to buy myself something nice one day!
I have a few observations that I would like to share with you as you know I like to from time to time.
Apparently, if art looks too real it is not good art. I overheard this in the gallery the other day. Anyone know what that means exactly? I had a complaint from someone who said that every time they come to the gallery it is closed. I asked them what day and what time? They said Wednesday at about 5.30. Yes, they really did say that. Guess what? Newsflash....... I do not open on a Wednesday and I close at 5.00.

Last week I told you that I have been working on something. Well it is now finished so please check it out. I forgot to mention that it is flash but it has a mobile friendly site that you get directed to if you look me up on there. Also remember there is now an iPhone app for Swanage called Herston Lime. It's free and it has lots of great information on there. I'm on it too.


It is all my own work and there's still a little fine tuning to be done but I do not think it's bad for my first attempt. I will be adding e commerce and a calendar shortly. I will be regularly updating the information on there so please check back from time to time.
Day off tomorrow and predictably the weather forecast says it's going to rain. I am just that lucky. Can we all use a little positive mental attitude to try and change the weathers mind and guarantee some sunshine please? Thanks.

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