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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Make Art Not War!

I am almost certain that I should not spend this many hours actually working in front of a computer. I have absolutely no idea how those of you who do it for a living, manage. I start to lose the will to live. I get fatigue dyslexia. I just made that up but I bet there were many of you thinking that you have it too right? When your typing is just a jumbled mess of the right letters in the wrong order. Shall we try and get this officially recognized? I think that sounds like paln? (See what I did there?).
I am going to tell you why my fatigue dyslexia has kicked in. I had to manually export my entire email address book from my personal email to my business email. It was too tedious, 25 pages of it.
It's all done and I am sure that it will all now straight into everybody's spam/junk folder which is just great.

I have been disappointed to see the news recently. There have been riots in the area of London that I grew up in. All this violence and destruction under the guise of something else. Immoral behaviour by immoral people. It has nothing to do with the death of that poor guy. It is groups of people behaving like animals without a care for the lives/livelihoods of others. In fact I think that it is an insult to animals, I am sure other than survival, territorial battles and mating rituals there are very few instances of mindless violence.
It makes me feel glad to live in a very quiet seaside town, but my thoughts do go out to those people in cities whose lives are being impacted upon by the riots. I hope that it all calms down very soon. The police say that they will be dealing with any perpetrators of crimes swiftly and severely. I will believe it when I see it.
As I have spent the best part of the day clickety clacking on my keyboard I am going to put myself out of my misery and stop writing.

I hope that you are safe and that if you are living in area affected by the riots that things will go back to normal for you as soon as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Totally....Totally agree.....
    That stupid 'meadow lady' May, was on telly this morn'in, say'in 415 had been arrested.....Yeah! right....They'll all go to court, swift slap on the wrist...AND...That will be that.
    "Anyone want a cheap telly"!
    Cameron, and ALL the other pratt's have come back off holiday, three days late, safely tuck up and hiding behind the police...
    Now...Where did l put my soap box.......! :).
    Oh! for meadow lady....read COW...........! :0).