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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Time Off For Good Behaviour!

I had the best day off in ages. I did nothing remotely related to the gallery. I didn't even answer any emails. Bliss. I could do with several more of those.
I'm pleased to report that I have secured another booking for next year. I am really pleased. Today has been the busiest day at the gallery for ages, it's 3.30 and over 30 people have been in to see this show. Loads of great feedback but unfortunately no more sales. I really hope there will be some soon. I have told you already that this show is great but I think you owe it yourself to see it for yourself.
Oh the lists! I am off on my holidays next week and I'm leaving the gallery in the capable hands of a few different people. Which means I have to write lists to remind me to write lists for them. I know it's getting a little over the top because the multicoloured pens are out in full force. I'm not sure I've gone into multicoloured pen mode since I was teaching. But as I have no one leaning over my shoulder it's just my blog confessional that bears witness to my obsessive compulsive tendencies.
It's good news that the recent riots seem to have stopped. I am shocked to see the amount of professional people who joined in the looting of businesses. They are saying they got caught up in the moment. Which moment would that be? The moment that they forgot the difference between right and wrong? Stealing £5,000 of electrical equipment on a whim. Would they do that during the course of their normal day? I doubt it. What a total bunch of losers.
I am glad to see that there was a strong sense of community when it came to restoring order to the streets.
Let's hope that we have seen the last of the riots and that we can start to see all of those arrested being punished accordingly.
I made some paper today and the whole studio was awash. I have got to work out a dryer way of making it. I think I have thought of a way but I need my handy man to help me build something.
Paper looks good though.
I'm writing this on my iPad as I'm multitasking at the moment. So no picture today.

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