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Friday, 18 May 2012

50,000 Page Views

Well thank you all. I cannot believe that so many people have read my little ole blog. That's nice to know. I have spent the day getting the gallery tidy. I want everything to be perfect for the next exhibition. People that regularly visit the gallery will tell you that it is really tidy. I am just really good at hiding things.
It is a skill that you learn as a teenager when your mum shouts up the stairs 'Tidy your room if you want to go out!'. You all know what I am talking about.
It is like a shiny new pin at the gallery now, well the studio and my office are the gallery will have to wait until next week. Then it will get the treatment.
Can someone please tell the weather to sort itself out. I should not have to have the heaters on in May. My electricity bill should be going down not up.
It's dull and dismal and more importantly the gallery is quiet. I have been neglecting some of my admin duties. Because they ARE BORING!! but I will stop writing this and get on with that.

Have a great weekend! If you are in Swanage please come and see the INKA Printmakers. Just a few days left before it ends.

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