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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Day In Slow Motion

It is seriously quiet at the gallery so I am trying to occupy myself with choredom but I can't quite summon up the enthusiasm. I have had a productive morning but now the clock is almost moving backwards. I am debating doing some of my own work to fill the time.
So I stopped typing and painted a picture. I think it's ok, I may well need to do a bit of fine tuning but I am quite happy with it.
I think the schizophrenic weather is keeping people inside. I hope that we have some better weather soon and that visitors start flocking to Swanage.

So why is it that just when you thought your day could not get any worse, that your resident gallery slightly interesting person who visits a little too often pays you a visit. I had to pretend that I am really busy typing and couldn't possibly stop to chat.
I am generally a quite sociable person but there are limits and today my limits are limited.
Day off tomorrow and I'm going to be taking one of my cats to the vets as she has been wounded by the evil black cat. I really would kick it up the backside without doing it any permanent damage.
Then painting the rest of the hall.

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