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Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Little Light Lunch With Sheila Girling

To say that yesterday would be up there as one of the best days ever at the gallery would be an understatement. I spent the best part of it with Sheila and Anthony Caro and their incredibly handy man and all round legend Pat putting up a really fantastic show. The scale of the work is impressive and the breadth of the imagery is also impressive.
I know I have spoken before about the fact that a jpeg does not do the majority of art work any favours. The picture I used in my blog and all the publicity for this exhibition called 'At Days End' is huge and really is quite breathtaking. As is the picture titled 'Light Lunch' above, that is another great painting.
It is refreshing to spend time with two bastions of the British art scene who are totally down to earth and are just quietly brilliant.
There are many people who could learn a lesson or two from people like them. I'd really like to teach them myself if you know what I mean.
I am very excited about the Private View for this show I am also worried that I don't have enough booze. I have bought loads but I think it will be very busy so there will be someone on hand to do a run to the off license if necessary.
After a very successful hang we all went and had a really nice lunch. All in all a perfect day.
I think that it may just have spoilt me a little bit. Enough gushing it was a great end of story.
So to other things and news. You all know that I like to support any of my friends endeavors and here is another one. There is a new app for smart phones called IAMKONKI, it is an app that will allow you to put all the things that you are interested in, in one place. From news, art, music and video. Check it out and see for yourself. It's free so you can't really go wrong.
I have got a few jobs to do to make it perfect at the gallery but I have to wait for the ever brilliant Matt to make me some new stands for Sheilas' paintings.

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