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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Lovely Jubilee! An Extra Long Weekend!

I am by no means a royalist but I think in this time of terrible unemployment the Queen should be applauded for holding on to her job for the last 60 years. I think the majority of us are happy that we get an additional day off. Result!! 
I chose this picture because it is made entirely out of jelly beans and I think that it is very impressive. I had to have an arty take on things and I will not be having any bunting at the gallery. But I think that there is enough surrounding me at the moment.

Today was my last class with my regular students and they both produced a fantastic painting each. They were also lucky enough to be able to share their work with Sheila Girling. She just happened to be at the gallery at the same time. They do not know how lucky they were.
It has been a bit quieter today and the people through the door have been very impressed with the show. It is always nice to hear positive feedback.
My cake painting is already on display next door so have look if you are passing.
I should let you know about my opening hours over this weekend. I will be open the same as usual so don't worry about catching me in because I'll be here.
I have a very naked calendar at the moment and I am hoping that all of the interest that I have had can become confirmed bookings. That should happen very soon.

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