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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Group 7 Have Landed!

I have been doing an Autumn Clean, this is the longest time between shows that I have had since June. I have been living with the most awful stained carpet and none to special everywhere else. Not anymore it is very clean and fresh.

Just in time for the delivery of Group 7's work. It is going to be a challenging hang as it means really thinking about the contrasting and complimentary styles. Just as well I have a few days to consider what I am doing?

If you like a nice diverse mix of art styles then you know that you should definitely make it along to this exhibition.
I will be posting all kinds of interesting things about this group via the blog so keep checking back.

There isn't much gallery news as I have been focussed on doing the chores. But as I have an ear to the ground via gallery friends. You should check out this Grayson Perry Lecture. Here's the details.

In the first of four lectures, recorded in front of an audience at Tate Modern in London, the artist Grayson Perry reflects on the idea of quality and examines who and what defines what we see and value as art. He argues that there is no empirical way to judge quality in art. Instead the validation of quality rests in the hands of a tightknit group of people at the heart of the art world including curators, dealers, collectors and critics who decide in the end what ends up in galleries and museums. Often the last to have a say are the public. Perry examines the words and language that have developed around art critique, including what he sees as the growing tendency to over-intellectualise the response to art. He analyses the art market and quotes - with some irony - an insider who says that certain colours sell better than others. He queries whether familiarity makes us like certain artworks more, and encourages the public to learn to appreciate different forms of art through exploration and open-mindedness. Perry was awarded the Turner Prize in 2003, and is known for his ceramic works, printmaking, drawing, sculpture and tapestry as well as for his cross-dressing and alter-ego, Claire. The Reith lectures are presented and chaired by Sue Lawley. Producer: Jim Frank.
Have a listen and let me know what you think. Right I've got work to do. Until tomorrow.

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