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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Group 7 Exhibition Starts On Saturday!

Brian Bishop

I spent a few hours at the gallery assessing my handiwork and overall I was happy with what I had done. A few little tweaks and it is now done. I hope that you get the chance to see it.
I was supposed to get a few days of this week and as it has turned out I have been at work even more than normal.

I mentioned yesterday that I would be stocking artist books at the gallery. That's just one of the new additions for 2014. I will also a have a selection of Stephen Bishops new works on permanent display at the gallery. They will be in the studio, and will be changed quarterly as and when Stephen produces some new works.

There will also be a new purpose built browser in the gallery space which will stock a selection of original works by some well known artists and printmakers, myself included. I am hoping to do this in a clever sculptural way that will not encroach on the gallery space at all. It will add another feature along the lines of the glass stand.

I have an important meeting in the morning to look at the Charity Exhibition that I will be holding in February in aid of the John Flowers Bursary. I am hoping that we can get lots more young people on board and help them to achieve their creative goals.

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