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Thursday, 10 October 2013

I Am Amazing, Brilliant and Superior! Thanks for Asking!

It is difficult motivate myself sometimes. I think this is the downside of being on your own a lot of the time. I have made myself do things today but the thing I happiest about is that I have added to my installation piece 'Bird Box'. A job that I have been meaning to do for months. 

Martyn Brewster

                                     Stephen Bishop
I am also writing a new blurb to go on some flyers that I am about to get printed. Of course this involves a lot more research on my part as there are words that you should use and those you should avoid. 

I am going to run it past my assistant Shirley. She's really good at making sure I big myself up. By me I mean the gallery obviously. The thing about marketing, is it seems like one big ego trip, saying exactly why you are great, better than the rest. 
It is not sufficient to say 'because I am'. There is more required from you than that. It is amazing how much advice there is available for free on line. It just takes time to trawl through it all.

I have to say that the Americans are really paving the way for all the free content on line. Which is a shame because I am sure that there are lots of small businesses in Britain who have valuable input to give small businesses.

There are two more days of Stephen Bishops exhibition I hope that you will get to see it before it goes at end of business on Saturday.

It has been a really good show, but what puzzles me is that people have been loathe to write in the visitors book. I'm wondering if it is because I moved it from its former dwelling place. It will be going back but seriously what a difference 1ft makes.

Nearly, the weekend and the forecasters are full of gloom and that means that we should be full of optimism and brightness. It's a challenge, I dare you. Yes you.

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