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Friday, 4 October 2013

The Last 3 Exhibitions of The Year Are................

Stephen Bishop
I am disappointed that Google/Blogger have made it so difficult for people to leave comments on blogs. If only you could just press comment and a blank white box appeared that you could fill with your comment without having to join anything and generate your 100th password for the internet.

I am looking into different blogs that will let you do just that. From next year my blog will be fully integrated into my website anyway and it should not be a problem.

I am however intrigued by the article that I posted yesterday and I am yet to have a discussion about it. Will somebody either come in and talk to me about it or at least comment on the gallery Facebook page.

I have put my foot down today and does it feel good? Yes, but only because it was up in the air before I put it down. Just kidding! I am unleashing my inner professional business woman. I don't like her much as she says no more often than she says yes. But she does have my best interests at heart (I think!). It is so difficult to say no because the generous part of me wants to say yes. My business head and my bank manager are both saying 'But are you going to get paid for doing it?' If the answer is no then I am not doing it.

If anyone is any doubt about the logic of this then just ask yourself this simple question, 'would you work for nothing?'. Need I say more.

As usual it is time to shamelessly plug the current exhibition and the next two that are lined up. Stephen Bishop is now entering his final week. If you haven't seen it then you should come along and take a look.

Next up I have Group 7 who have such a daunting wealth of artistic experience between them that are like local art royalty. They pack a huge art punch with an eclectic mix of styles and approaches. That starts on Saturday 19th October.

Then straight after Group 7 I have Piers Rawson who I mentioned earlier in the week. This stunning photographer who captures those beautiful images I posted will be starting his exhibition on Saturday 16th November.

The final exhibition of the year is for the artist contributors to the PURBECK magazine over the last few years. that will be a massively diverse mix of people and works. Do make sure you get to that exhibition. There will be plenty of unique work to buy for Christmas presents. I'll post some pictures when I have some.

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