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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Group 7 Review In One Word Per Artist.

Martyn Brewster - Vivid
Fran Donovan - Evocative
Bonnie Brown - Sensitive
Michael Griffiths - Brave
Peter Symons - Visceral
Ursula Leach - Effulgent
Brian Bishop - Homogeneous

You can take it or leave it, I just enjoyed doing it. I could go into more depth but the truth is that it has already been done. I do love words and those sprung to mind when I stood in front of each artists work.

It is an unusual experience seeing the work everyday over a period of weeks. There is something that happens and you don't even necessarily consciously pick up on it. Every morning a different image stands out. The one that you spend a little longer looking at. I think that I might start to make a note of which ones they are each day.
I think it is to do with the light and my mood, seldom are two days exactly the same in terms of light and definitely not in terms of my moods either.

If you need to know more then can I suggest that you come along and see it for yourself before it finishes at end of business on Saturday. Plenty of info in previous blog posts too.

In other news, the gallery has been nice and busy for the past couple of days. That is why I have at least three half written blog posts so in an attempt to actually post one I am writing this one as the others require a little more thought.
I have got plenty of classes lined up so if you wanted to make someone a unique creative Christmas gift there is still plenty of time.

I have decided that in this time of austerity that all my gifts will be handmade, by me. That is a warning to any of my friends/family who might be expecting something nice from the shops. You won't be getting anything from there.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to support your local artists and craftspeople at this time of year. They will be busy making beautiful unique objects/gifts that will undoubtedly bring a smile to someones face if given as a gift.

I will share any craft events etc on here and my Facebook page wherever I see them

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