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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Piers Rawson ~ Photographies Starts on Saturday @ 6.00.

Piers Rawson

Well Hello Strangers! I am sorry for my absence but you have no idea how busy my week has been. The usual show down, show up scenario followed by teaching and some general much needed maintenance in my office.

It is all I can do, to do my actual gallery admin. If you have been waiting for a response to an email I apologise as I just opened my inbox to the horror of 144 emails.

Let's talk about the new exhibition, it is called 'Photographies' as it utilises several different subject matters and also printing techniques. The photographer Piers Rawson takes inspiration from everywhere and when you see the images you will understand the strong sense of composition and also a sense of humour.

Like I always say the only way to form your own opinion the only thing to do is to see it for yourself. It starts on Saturday so feel free to join us for a glass of wine at 6.00 at the gallery.

To end the year Purbeck Journal will be having an exhibition of the contributors to the magazine in the published editions. This is going to be a really eclectic mix of content. I am hoping that it will provide an excellent opportunity to buy the unique Christmas present that you have been looking for. A combination of art, craft, sculpture, books and jam.

Make sure you put the Saturday 7th December in your diary that's when it starts.

Just wanted to point out that if you wanted to get someone the gift of learning for Christmas then I have gift vouchers available at the gallery. To cover the cost of a workshop of your choice. It could be the gift that keeps on giving.

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