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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I Know What Will Make Me Rich!

Selling a kidney!

I have finally worked out how I can afford those luxury holidays abroad and a fast car. I already have a fast car. If British Telecom were to pay me my hourly rate for every time that I have to contact them or access my so called 'easy access' accounts online. I know you are sitting there thinking I doubt it would make you that rich. So if I told you that in the past few weeks I have spent in excess of three hours trying to get someone to understand what the problem is, that is just on the phone add another two on the internet. That's £125 by my reckoning. No that won't make me rich but on average I spend 2 hours a month trying to rectify some broadband glitch at home and at work. That could be £50 a month additional income times that by 12 that's £600. I rest my case.

Whilst I am moaning about that, I think the Indian call centre workers should rejoice in their parent given names. I may not be able to pronounce it 100% correctly but I'll try and it just seems absurd that they are all called Michael, John or David. The other truth is that you virtually never call them by it anyway. They like to call me Mrs James and I have chosen not to mind.

A good start to the current exhibition, it was a little quiet at the PV but the people that did venture out on a cold December night definitely showed a real interest on what was on show. That is really all that matters. Loads of folk can come and glug the free wine and not look at the work at all. Admittedly many will return for a 'proper look' during the exhibition run.

How do you make people read? No seriously how do you do it? If you have any good idea then please do not hesitate to let me know.

Tune in tomorrow for a statement by the photographer Piers Rawson about the work on display at the gallery.

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