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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Who Turned The Heating Off???

Piers Rawson

I have 23 minutes before I teach my next lesson. It is iPad so it's not a huge set up in terms of preparation. Who turned the heating off? I ask this because the weather went from Autumn to Winter almost overnight.

I am wearing my double thermal layer and the cold is still managing to penetrate. I foresee some pretty spectacular electricity bills in the coming months. The door is now firmly closed which also means that I will get lots of people looking in the windows and that will be as far as they venture.
What I need is to somehow encapsulate myself in my office whilst still being able to see out into the gallery. I am not sure how that could work.

I am starting to get excited about the next exhibition as work is already starting to trickle in. It will definitely be the most eclectic exhibition of the year.

Well, I am keeping it short as I have to get in the zone. I hope that my student finds it warm enough. I have found out from many a visitor that my office is somewhat reminiscent of a sauna. I beg to differ, at no point do I sweat or sit around naked. Far too cold even in the summer for that.

I have some good news I have booked in another exhibitor for 2015. I know it seems crazy. I do not even know what I am doing next weekend.

Wrap up warm and don't let the horror of the freezing cold keep you indoors too much!

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