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Friday, 8 November 2013

What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

Sharon James

I am therefore I think! It is easy to become despondent about the lack of money flowing through your hands. We are living in tough times and the luxury item that is art is very low on peoples list of purchasing priorities. The truth is I totally understand that. Disposable income is becoming a thing of the past for some obviously not all. 

If art can be urinal (thanks Duchamp) then can a new washing machine also be considered art? I am afraid that in these times we might find ourselves marvelling at the load capacity and the relative silence of the spin cycle. As opposed to discussing the values of composition and the way in which the artist has used brush strokes to convey a plethora of emotions.

A visitor to the gallery yesterday told me that our national involvement in cultural activities has risen by 11%. I think this is a good thing. I am hoping it means that people are visiting galleries and museums and are broadening their cultural awareness and when we finally drag ourselves out of this recession that people will reinvigorate the art market by purchasing works. Fingers crossed.

What can you do to help yourself? Why have I asked that question? It is because I have to think about it everyday. I am relying in teaching to put cash in my pocket. The more important thing that I have been bought to realise largely by my gallery assistant Shirley. Is that my most financially successful show this year was my own. Yes, I know that people who knew me would have maybe bought work to show support etc and that I get to keep 100%. But still there was enough interest from people I didn't know too. The gallery is fully booked next year and so when I'm not busy promoting exhibitions etc I am going to be getting my creative arts in gear. My work will be for sale all year round at the gallery.

For those who hire the gallery don't panic it won't be on the walls. There is going to be complete overhaul of the studio and office space. If you think I am going to be sat around in January think again I'll probably be working harder than usual.

And finally....... the Group 7 Exhibition is in its final few days and I am pleased to report that it has been busier than ever in the last few days. It is till not too late to come and see it.

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