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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Busy Gallery = Happy Sharon

Thursday is a teaching day so as ever I am going to have to keep it brief. I am pleased to say that the gallery has been nicely busy today. Of course it isn't without irony. The one day I have to teach is the day that everybody comes in to see the exhibition.
Oh well, I really am not complaining.

I remember when my blog used to spell check me. Apparently it is not quite so keen these days.
Yesterday, I spoke about the importance of good framing well I haven't got time for a missive today.

What I will say is that there are some really good artists books available for sale at the gallery. They are all signed and they would make someone a fantastic present.
I also want to remind you that next year I will be selling a selection of books published by various artist/authors.

I have got a busy time ahead as I get ready for the big refurb whilst I'm closed. The sad thing is that most of what I will do will go unnoticed as it is largely behind the scenes and the walls are always white. But after January they will never be as smooth again until next January.

I have to obviously plug this current exhibition again. It is full of local artists producing works that are of a really high standard. Do pop in and see it.

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