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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ups and Downs!

Josh Hollingshead - Orthodox

I set myself a challenge today that I very nearly failed. I know that it is possible to work well under pressure and then there are the obstacles put in your way by other people/cars who are unaware that you are trying to break your own personal best. I made it! I am not going to do that again in a hurry.

It has been an emotional day of definite highs and lows. I have agreed to things that I maybe shouldn't have. I've written difficult emails that I was uncertain about sending. I've needed the moral support of Shirley sat next to me prompting me to be forceful.

Literally straight after that I made a sale, of one of my own pieces. Which was a great result and unexpected. I have to say it was just the thing I needed to happen, you need these encouraging events to help you see the wood for the trees.

I am so Sharon Two Hats that sometimes I lose sight of my own personal creative goals. I have to make sure my business is functioning well but I also must take time to keep producing my own work. My own show was the best selling show of the year. I must be doing something right in that department.

Really good feedback about the current exhibition, I think that the impact of Josh Hollingsheads' pieces are quite the talking piece. The 3D equivalent are Andrew Thomas' sculptures. Polar opposites in terms of just about everything but they both get people talking.

If you haven't seen it then please do try and see it before Christmas I promise that you won't be disappointed.

I have written three blogs that are still in draft format, that should give you some idea of how busy I have been.

Just a reminder that I do have gift vouchers for sale should you want to get someone the gift of learning something new in 2014. You know where to find me.

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