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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Purbeck Journal Exhibition Is Now On! Come and Take A Look!

Forgive me readers it has been a few days since my last blogfession. It has been a whirl of activity and I am just catching up with myself. I am not going to into details but suffice to say that it has all worked out ok in the end.
Josh Hollingshead - Forest Fire
I can sit back now and breathe a sigh of relief as this is officially my last show of the year. No more hanging, fretting at PVs. I can just chill out and enjoy the run up to Christmas.
I have got plenty of work that I can be getting on with behind the scenes. There always is there is no such thing as a ay where I have nothing to do.

So let me tell you about this exhibition. I am showing Josh Hollingshead's new painting 'Forest Fire'. It is the first time that it has been seen in public. You should definitely come and take a look.
I have included a picture but the actual image is taller than me so you need to see it in the flesh. I have 6 stunning sculptures by Andrew Thomas, and some beautiful ceramics by Ian Harris and Eliza Simpson.

I have signed books by local authors, and even jam. There really is a great mix of stuff on show. Some perfect ideas for affordable Christmas presents, as well as some really good art on show, some of it is slightly less affordable. Depends how full your pockets are really. If lint was legal tender then I am very wealthy.

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