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Thursday, 23 June 2011

I May be Lying About Loving Chores

Well! Is how you want to feel on your day off. It is like being cheated if you don't. I wasn't up to much yesterday as I felt lousy. Better today in time for work, so I should be grateful for small mercies.
I have spent the morning doing choredom that was totally uninspiring but productive.
I have been looking at train fares to London and Birmingham. All I can say is that they will never encourage people to travel by train if they want to charge £166 per person for a three hour journey. Bang goes the environment. I have scoured every single site that says up to 80% off normal prices. I think we can all agree if £166 is a reduced price I dread to think what it was before the reduction.
It is time to get thinking about the next show already. I cannot believe how quickly time flies. Especially when I sometimes have hours that last about twice as long as they should.
I have to just tell you about making poor decisions when you should be sleeping. I thought late last night that it would be a good time to update my iPad as I have not done it since i bought it. So I plug it all in and expect that in 10 minutes or so that it would be done and I could go to sleep. How wrong can you be? About an hour and 20 minutes wrong and a minor heart attack later incase you were wondering. Oh technology is a double edged sword. Long story short a problem occurred and I had to do a factory restore. It told me all my media would be lost. All my lovely drawings lost in the ether. Enter a sweaty, sweary woman in a dressing gown! Me!! All was not lost as the clever thing had saved it all before it crashed. Phew!!
I have been so busy with my chores that I have run out of time to write anything remotely meaningful.
Just in case you were planning to visit the gallery tomorrow I will not be open as I have an appointment that I cannot change.
Come and see me on Saturday instead.

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