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Monday, 27 June 2011

The Sun Always Shines On TV

I hotfooted it to the gallery this morning an hour early as I was convinced that the sun was going to be out and that I could actually take a lunch break to take full advantage of that. It would seem my Monday luck devil had other ideas. I didn't have the disastrous start to the day that I did last Monday. I am just sat in the gallery with the heater on wishing that I'd worn long trousers.
I will be closing early as I've decided not take a lunch break and the gallery is very quiet today. So I will be closing at 4.00.
There is a new show going up on Saturday and the Private View starts from 6.30, so if you fancy a glass of wine and some nice art work you know where to come.
The current show which is excellent, is coming down on Thursday afternoon so why not come along and see it before it goes.
I promise you that it is well worth the visit.
I am pondering new ideas for exhibitions and also I have an idea for a competition. I am thinking of having a drawing competition early next year. The successful entries would be shown at the gallery as part of a drawing exhibition that I intend to put on. I am very keen to promote drawing as it has often been over looked and is usually seen as the initial visual research that quite often is transformed into something completely different. I like the idea of a drawing being produced as an end product and as it's something that I am so passionate about at the moment I want to encourage others to get drawing.
I can't think of anything else to write so why don't you go and get creative and I'll do the same.

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