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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Work, Rest and Play

In A Good Way
The end is in sight. I have very nearly finished hanging the show. I am just waiting for a few last minute entries to arrive. I have really enjoyed putting this show up maybe because it has been quite challenging. Everyone knows I love a challenge. That's the good thing about having plenty time to live with it and make sure it looks absolutely great. I have had a few late welcome additions. This show is packed with some truly hard hitters in the local art scene. The work is of a very high standard and I'm hoping that plenty of people come to see this show. I am certain that there is something in this exhibition for everybody.
Just in case some names may help to entice you, Bonnie Brown, Margaret Lawton, Chris Burke, Wendy Wharam, Lizzie Induni, Jane Colquhoun, Mary Jane Evans, Do Michell and little old me to name but a few. There are also plenty of new kids on the block who are definitely worth watching.
The nature of owning a gallery means that before a show even opens you have to be planning what'e next.
I have mentioned having the show 'For Letter Words' Open Exhibition what I need to know now is how many of you would like to enter a piece for it. You know how to contact me. I need about 20 artists to make it viable. Let me know if you're interested.
I haven't had time to do a drawing for three days now. That seems a shockingly long time. I must try to remedy that later.
Saturday is the start of the Abstract Open Show so I would like to invite you all, those of you who could realistically make it to the Private View. It will start at 6.30 until 8.30 with an after party for friends. I hope to see you there.
I have a very busy day off planned, I have got to make sure all my work is framed and ready to hang.

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