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Monday, 12 September 2011

Back For Good! Take This!

Yes, I have been!

The best news is that the Suttles (my builder and his wife) had a beautiful baby girl in the early hours of Saturday morning. She is called Poppy Valentine and I am very excited about meeting her very soon.
Where have I been? The truth is that I have been working very hard on developing the business. I cannot quite believe that I spent the majority of last week glued to my computer. Anyone who thinks that my life is just watching thriller after thriller you would be wrong. I watch them when I have come to a complete full stop. That is when my brain refuses to cooperate anymore with the clickety clacking and concentrating.
I am on a mission to make my gallery known as far a field as possible and the only way to do that is to constantly look at every angle. Then shove yourself in it which ever way you will fit.
Had a sale on Saturday! Yay!! I was actually at home dismantling my studio. I no longer have the need for it as I have a purpose built one at the gallery. But as I was unusually pessimistic about the fact that the interested couple had said they were going to go and have a coffee and think about it. I just assumed that my gallery sitter had been told the age old gallery white lie. Apparently not!
I'm sure every one can relate to the fact that I kept finding things that I haven't looked at for years. Stuff from Uni that I'd forgotten that I'd even made. You all know how long and drawn out that makes the process. I was fairly brutal as I have nowhere to store anything it had to be dumped.
I am constantly working on new ideas and ways of keeping the interest going in the gallery and generating new interest. You really could be part of it if you are an artist working locally. Especially, if you are working in a creative and unique way. If you haven't made yourself known to me then you should. I am always on the look out for new and interesting talent. I am particularly keen to attract graduates who need a sympathetic gallery owner to give them a chance. I am that person. If you know of anyone that use use some positive and constructive help in the arts then you know where to send them. I am interested in all media and all ways of working. The more contemporary and cutting edge the better.
You can email me at lartishegallery@mail.com or if you visit the website you can send me an email directly from there.
There will be a big first anniversary party at the end of January. I hope that there will be lots to celebrate as I enter into my second year of trading. I also hope that all of you that are local enough to me will be able to make it.
I won't get my work done if I keep writing my blog so see you all later!

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