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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Paint Gets Under Your Nails

Yes, it is a hand!

I had a bizarre sense of deja vu today as I did a total repaint in the gallery. I was told that it was because I was perfectionist and that means I will always have plenty to do. Every exhibition in the gallery leaves its mark. Some more than others. Mary Janes' show was no exception. In fact it was probably one of the worst culprits. In order to make sure that the beautiful work stayed put it meant drilling some fairly substantial holes. That means filling them back in afterwards. I have to thank Matt because he has taught me that if there's a tool that makes it easier use it. So I am now the proud owner of a heavy duty sander. It is great!
My walls are white and very smooth. Lovely.
I have started to hang the Colour Open and I am fairly happy with it so far. I have had a few let downs which has meant that there isn't as much work as I was expecting. I am a firm believer in if I say I am going to do something I will 9.75 out of 10 do it.
There are some fantastic local artists in this show and I am proud to have their work in the gallery. I feel very lucky to have the support of these artists as I respect their work and also their perspective on how to nurture and develop the art scene in the Purbecks.
Anyway, as you can tell by the late hour of this posting it is very nearly my bedtime but felt that I should write.
Can you actually believe that Friday is upon us again?
The Private View for the next show is Saturday at 6.30 and if you haven't made it to one recently, why not? Come to this one and enjoy some free food and drink and get some culture under your belt. You know it makes sense.

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