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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary To My Blog!

"I often spend time reflecting" said the mirror! Just kidding. Seriously, yesterday I thought I would go and have a look at my first ever blog and I saw that I wrote it on the 5th of September last year. It's official I have been writing my blog for an entire year. You have been with me through the highs and the lows and the down right strange. I kept them nice and short too I bet you miss the good old days.
I have said to many people recently about the steep learning curve that running a business has meant that I would experience. I have made sufficient mistakes to remain humble and and I am grateful if not a little defensive to those well meaning friends who have tried to point me in the right general direction. I have never taken criticism well but I am learning to in a somewhat churlish and petulant way.
You all know who you are so thank you for that if I didn't say so at the time,
It has been wet and windy and that's just me! The weather is so dismal that for about ten minutes this morning I had convinced myself that I shouldn't bother to open today as no one would bother visiting a gallery. Two whole people have proved me wrong. Very nice they were too. Had a nice chat with each of them and they both really liked Jan Dagleys work which is excellent for me as she has hired the gallery in April next year for a solo exhibition.
I have made notes in my diary for things that I would like to mention in my blog as I often think about things I want to tell you about and then forget when it comes to actually writing my blog.
I have been tweaking the website changing a few things and adding a few things. I have added a downloadable application form for any future Open exhibitions. I am trying to formalize my practice as much as I can.
I am in the midst of designing some paper invites that should be interchangeable for each show. Who would have thunk it that I would end up doing quite so much graphic design? Not me.
I am going to end my anniversary blog with an observation that I have made and it's based on fact.
Why is it when you take an exhibition down that has been on for at least a month, someone will come in (without fail) and say I really liked that blue piece (for arguments sake) it's a shame it's not in this show?
It is worse when they say I am still thinking about buying it! From where? Is what I'd like to know. Do they think it makes me feel any better knowing that they would have bought it if it was still here? Or is is it in fact another gallery white lie?
 To bastardize Beyonce's song.
"If you liked it then you should have spent your bling on it!"

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