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Friday, 23 September 2011

Learning Rainbow

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I bet that you think that I'm getting slack but the truth is that I run out of time to write my blog. I had a surprise visit from my sister yesterday and we had months of catching up to do. Then I had a visit from the newest Suttle and her mum. So I then had to have a big cuddle with Poppy. Then it was pretty much time to go home.
I had spent the first part of my morning updating the website. If you had asked me a year ago if I could do half of the things that I can do now I would have said a definitive no.
I just thought I'd like to call it my 'learning rainbow'. Some how that really works for me.
If there are any of you contemplating doing something big that you don't necessarily have all the skills for, you just need to try, and then add some patience and get as much advice as possible. You should be just fine.
Take the leap. It might just change your life forever.
Peaks and troughs is how I would describe the attendance to the gallery this week. The calm before the storm? Or the calm before the plenty more calm? I think it might just be the latter.
My flyers arrived yesterday and I think that they look pretty good. There are a few things that are a little niggling about them but on the whole I'm really pleased with them.
I am sure the workers among my readers are all glad that it is Friday. I remember when I used to be too. Now it means a lot less. but hey I own my own business so no complaints permitted.
There is still plenty of time to come and see this exhibition. I hope that you will as it would always be nice to see you.

If you are a fan of ceramics then you should make sure that you come to the gallery on Saturday 15th October as a new show will be starting. It's called 'All Fired Up' and there will be such a wide variety of work there that is great and reasonably priced. Perfect for those of you who are incredibly efficient and are already buying Christmas presents. Buy a unique gift for someone with great taste especially if that's you!

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