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Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm Not Sure.

Well, as I had zero feedback I don't know what you think. I am undecided as the new format does not allow me to share my blog via Facebook properly. That is quite important to me as that is how I get most of my friends to read my blog.
I'm not sure that I'll keep it as it also does not open in a mobile phone friendly way. Which is also a downside.
Ultimately, I need to be able to be read on as many different formats as possible and you can't open it on an iPad either. I think I may well have answered my own question.
There is no point in choosing style over accessibility so as of Monday I think I will revert back to my old blog but make the tweaks that I want within that.
I am going to close the gallery early and head out into the sunshine as that's where I think that all my potential visitors have been all day.
A bit busier than yesterday but still quite quiet.
I hope that you have something fantastic planned for this weekend so that you can be outside an enjoy the sun. I am sure that you have got that all under control.
Have a great weekend and I'll be back soon.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em!

Inside The Gallery

My Chillout Area

My Display Stand

I'm trying this new look out, let me know what you think. You just click on the blog you want to read and it and it opens up. It's grouped by month so it's really easy to go back and look at past blogs. As I have been revamping everything it seemed rude not to do the same for my blog as it has been around for the longest.
I think it's a bit brighter and fresher than the black. But you should know that I chose that look because it matched the website.
If you think I should revert back please don't hesitate to let me know. But I do hope that you like it as I have ten variations on  this theme that I can play around with.
I will definitely bare in mind the fact that new does not necessarily mean better. I know that Willie might prefer it to the black. But truth be told he'd probably prefer it pink.
I am breaking some kind of record today as not one person has actually come through the door. Well that's not technically true but actual visitors to the gallery are a big fat 0.
It could all change in the next 90 minutes but I am not holding my breath. I wouldn't mind but I could have spent the day in the sun along with everyone else.
I know you all want to know about how my wound is healing. It is doing very well. I am becoming an expert on washing up whilst keeping one finger dry without the help of gloves. My typing might actually be improved as result of it. That really is saying something.
I have been working on a website design for my in house photographer. You have to do these things in small doses. Especially when you are open to the public. My endless mutterings, intermittent cursing and involuntary groans are probably what has been keeping people away.
Or let's be realistic, it probably has more to with the fact that it is 22 degrees and is hotter outside today than most days during the actual summer.
I gave myself a lunch break today as I really thought if you can't beat 'em join 'em! So I trotted off down to the beach and spent a pleasant hour in the sun reading my book. If you have the chance to come to Swanage over the next few days I would strongly recommend it, as the sea is crystal clear and the beaches are not too crowded. However, if you don't pop in and see me I will be very disappointed.
I will be giving the show a tweak tomorrow so there will be some different work on display so if you would like to get a new perspective on it would be good to see you again.
I thought that for those of you who haven't managed to get to the gallery yet and those who probably never will that I would include some shots of it for you to look at.
I am listening to some very good reggae today, it is going perfectly with the sunny weather. I hope that you have been able to get out and enjoy it. If not, why not? Try harder tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Blood On The Gallery Floor!

There is going to be a bit of a change around at the gallery so the last two weeks of the show will be a bit different from the rest. I'm going to put some of my work in as there will be space as some is being collected to go into another exhibition.
This morning I have been framing my prints and whilst doing so I managed to chop a fairly sizable chunk out of my left index finger. It was like a bloodbath in the studio. I have always been a bit of a gusher but this was ridiculous. Big fat blobs of blood everywhere. I have told you many times that I am huge fan of thrillers. I totally love CSI with all that forensic science. I had to laugh to myself that they would have a field day in the office and studio as no surface was left unbloodied. (apparently that's not a real word but you know how I roll) The could also have helped me to find the bit of finger I chopped off. Nice!
When the gushing subsided I dressed the wound with padding and bandage only for it to soak through in approximately 4 minutes. I was contemplating whether or not it warranted a visit to the hospital to get it dressed properly. Got some heavy duty plasters instead and so far so good.
Can you answer me this? What is up with people not replying to emails? I have sent about 50 in the last few days and I have received 2 replies.
I am what's known in the trade as a prompt responder ( I just made that up). I get an email and if needs a reply not more than 24 hours will pass before I send one.
That's just me I guess.
Well lot's of people liked the new Facebook site so I got some more followers yesterday. All I need is to get an advert on the television. I'm obviously joking.
I know many of my readers shun Facebook and in many ways I understand why. I am the victim of people trying to be my friend who I neither know or ultimately like. It is a weird phenomena that people find you through a friend and then ask you to be a friend. They say the average person has 250 friends on Facebook. Oh please, really? That's just ridiculous I'm not sure I even know that many people. Let alone enough to call them friends.
I do love being able to leave facetious comments on peoples statuses and the odd poke but in all the time I've been a member (years) I have only asked maybe 3 people to be my friend.
Sorry don't know where that rant came from.
Other gallery news, I have put together the editorial for next months Purbeck Gazette so keep your eyes open for that.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Laughed So Much I Cried!

It Made Me Laugh

It's official I have got the gallery name on to every social networking thing I can find. I have spent about three hours creating a Facebook page that does a bit more than just show wall posts so check it out.


Try it and see what you think. It is supposed to be a bit similar to my website but not the same. No doubt I will continue to tweak it over the next few days. I welcome any feedback that you can offer.
I can't quite believe how many opportunities there are to get yourself noticed on the internet. I am exploring every single one of them.
This does mean that I am spending rather a lot of time on the computer. I am dying to get going with some of my work but a good friend who owns his own business said to me 'spend at least one hour a day trying to grow your business'. Hours have turned into weeks but let's face it if it means that I can stay open for years to come then it will all be a good investment.
I am pleased that I have worked my way through my list of things to and there is only one thing left which I can safely leave until tomorrow.
I am going to try and repaint the front of the gallery this week as the weather promises to be good. The good news is that means me up a ladder with a paintbrush in my hand. I bet you can guess just how excited I am about the prospect of that.
I had one of the funniest weekends, I went to a comedy show that was part of the Comedy Festival. There were three comedians, an english man, an irish man and a scottish man. Seriously funny people, I laughed so much I spent most of the time wiping tears from my eyes.
If you are local to Swanage and haven't attended the brilliant Comedy Festival you are really missing a treat. It's definitely money and time well spent.
Then last night I went to see Alan Carr at the BIC in Bournemouth, he was hilarious. If he's coming to a venue near you you should check his new show out.
Gallery news has been pretty much been covered as I have told and shown you what I have been up to.
So if you are planning on visiting Swanage this week in the predicted last blast of summer you'll see me up a ladder on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Growing My Business

Well it is 2.30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon and I have been sat staring a the computer since 11.00. Poor me! In a constant attempt to the 'grow the business' (apparently that's what it's called) I am researching exactly where I can get my grubby hands on in terms of Tourist Information Centres etc. I have a little confession to make. When I was at the PAWF meeting the other week they kept saying T.I.C and I had no clue what on earth it meant. As it was being so freely used I could only think that absolutely everyone else in the room knew what it meant. I found out at a much later date and had to laugh as I thought it was something way more exciting than Tourist Information Centre. I was only slightly disappointed.
My sister has introduced me to the joy of Napster. If you are into music you will need to make it your mission to find out how to get Napster if you don't already have it. It is absolute genius.
The gallery has been fairly busy today but no sales as yet. I am a bit surprised as there is so much good stuff on show. Lots of positive feedback, so I am very happy about that.
You should check out the new stuff on the website I've uploaded some new pictures and testimonials. It only took me several hours. It's amazing your capacity to forget things you learn. Bare in mind it isn't that long ago since I made the website. but I suppose I have had a few sleeps and a few sherberts since then.
I am having an ongoing discussion with several creative people from artists to musicians. The question that is up for debate is; Are artistic/creative people  disorganized and generally a bit slack because it's what expected of them?, or is it because it because creative types are inherently disorganized because of their focus on all things arty?
I am very organized and I have an ever increasing intolerance for disorganization. I worry that this doesn't bode well for my future dealings with artists. I have mentioned on numerous occasions about how I like my lists. I cannot really understand how anyone who has more than one thing to do in a day gets by without them. I still manage to forget things even though I write lists.
I have written to the local council today with the hope of getting the gallery mentioned on their 'Visit Dorset' website. I hope that they go for it. I need all the publicity I can get.
I am going to call it a day. Just to say for those of you that read regularly, I am still waiting for the go ahead on the other blog. More hours in front of the computer to look forward to.
I hope that you are all enjoying the late summer/autumn sun and I'll see you back here on Monday. Have a good weekend.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Learning Rainbow

Awesome Picture
I bet that you think that I'm getting slack but the truth is that I run out of time to write my blog. I had a surprise visit from my sister yesterday and we had months of catching up to do. Then I had a visit from the newest Suttle and her mum. So I then had to have a big cuddle with Poppy. Then it was pretty much time to go home.
I had spent the first part of my morning updating the website. If you had asked me a year ago if I could do half of the things that I can do now I would have said a definitive no.
I just thought I'd like to call it my 'learning rainbow'. Some how that really works for me.
If there are any of you contemplating doing something big that you don't necessarily have all the skills for, you just need to try, and then add some patience and get as much advice as possible. You should be just fine.
Take the leap. It might just change your life forever.
Peaks and troughs is how I would describe the attendance to the gallery this week. The calm before the storm? Or the calm before the plenty more calm? I think it might just be the latter.
My flyers arrived yesterday and I think that they look pretty good. There are a few things that are a little niggling about them but on the whole I'm really pleased with them.
I am sure the workers among my readers are all glad that it is Friday. I remember when I used to be too. Now it means a lot less. but hey I own my own business so no complaints permitted.
There is still plenty of time to come and see this exhibition. I hope that you will as it would always be nice to see you.

If you are a fan of ceramics then you should make sure that you come to the gallery on Saturday 15th October as a new show will be starting. It's called 'All Fired Up' and there will be such a wide variety of work there that is great and reasonably priced. Perfect for those of you who are incredibly efficient and are already buying Christmas presents. Buy a unique gift for someone with great taste especially if that's you!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Repeat Attenders

The Bain Of My Life
I meant to write my blog yesterday but I didn't get around to it. I did update my website but then I had some internet issues. I am growing slightly concerned how often I lose signal at the gallery. I do not think that I could cope with the thought of phoning India once a week to talk to a man who really isn't called David or Jimmy. I do not doubt for one minute that there are people with those names who are from India but I would hope that they would prefer to use their cultural history and their names that actually mean something rather than the rather unimaginative Dave.
Sorry about the rant.
I have another good story to tell you about my day off that has turned into a day that I may as well have worked as I have been to the gallery twice.
Firstly I had to be at 7.30 to let the Sky Technician man in at 8.00. I am now the proud owner of Sky+ which seems to be cool.
As I was up so early I thought I'd treat myself to going back to bed after he left. Then the phone rang which I dutifully ignored. Then my mobile went and to my horror the number was the gallery so I answered it and then listened to the sound of my alarm going off. Oh joy!
Get dressed and then drive down there and turn turned it off. I have absolutely no idea what set it off as  everything was fine.  I reset it and came home as soon as I walked through the door the landline rang and surprise surprise it was the alarm at the gallery.
I don't need to tell you what happened next. So much for a relaxing day off.
Now to explain the title of this blog. I am very excited to report that firstly people are making special efforts to visit the gallery every time that they are in Swanage. That is excellent news for as it has also meant that I have had repeat purchasers as well.
Secondly, people are starting to say that they have looked me up as they saw an advert in Evolver. Which means that the cost of the advert was money well spent.
It is my day off so I am going to sign off now and try to enjoy the rest of my day off.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Alright Now

I'm entering the fourth day of a detox and I am missing coffee really badly. But I'm sure that in the long run it will do me good. That's if I can keep it up for the next two weeks.
I have had an interesting day at the gallery. I can't really tell you but it makes for interesting listening. Every day I learn something new and to be honest it doesn't surprise me when I hear certain things. But everyone should be aware that I left one bureaucratic nightmare and will never knowingly become involved in another.
If you are a local artist and are interested in being involved with PAW I will be putting the application form on the website for an exhibition that will take place over Christmas. I am looking for a diverse range of work so if you think that you have got something to offer please submit some work.
It would seem that Margaret Lawtons picture that is the one that draws people in. I have had many positive comments about the whole show. In every show there are favourites among the work exhibited. The most talked about in the show. That should probably become a feature.
I am going to spend the day pimping my website tomorrow, I've got lots of new stuff to put on there. So please make sure you check it out.
Willie won the points and let's see if you can get today's title.
Sorry no picture as I've written this on my iPad and unbelievably you cannot upload a picture.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still Ill

Aaah Cute

I have to apologize for no blog yesterday but I actually was feeling a bit rough and had to close the gallery early. The good news is that I feel much better today. I got to the gallery and set about the arduous task of cleaning the windows. It is very weird that they get covered in a greasy residue and no I don't mean the hands and faces of hundreds of window smudgers just general grime.
It has been unusually quiet for a Saturday, I have great expectations of the one day that the majority of people have off work. Maybe I should lower them accordingly.
One of the best things that has happened since I opened the gallery happened today. A father and son came into the gallery, the boy was about 7. They were here for ages discussing their favourite paintings and what makes art abstract. Why they liked the pictures that they did. It was such a brilliant thing to hear. I wish that more parents would bring their kids in and let them talk about art in such a refreshing way.
I often see children ask their parents if they can come in the gallery and they are usually told no. It is a shame as it is never to early to start appreciating art.
Keeping it short today as although I am feeling much better I can't focus as I am still not 100%.
Hope that you are having a fantastic weekend.
1,00,000,000 points for anyone who can tell me who had song titled 'Still Ill'.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Greatest Day!

There are good days and then there are great days. Today falls safely in the great day category. I got to work as usual (just in time) opened up and put my A board outside. I noticed an envelope stuck to my A board. I should explain that I put my A board directly under my letter box ever since the very clever person posted me a crab and avocado sandwich through it. Hats off to their genius! Not.
Anyway, the envelope looked official and to be honest I'd been expecting it as my year of no business rates comes to an end at the end of September. I have saved all my earnings to ensure that I could pay the whole of next year in one go. I was right it was my business rates bill and guess what?
I haven't got to pay any business rates until this time next year. To say that has made my absolute day is an understatement. I have reacted appropriately like any sensible woman would, I have bought a new pair of shoes.
Seriously, good news for me as I am still very much at the finding my feet stage of starting a new business so any financial breaks are very welcome.
It has also been busy at the gallery so it really has been a good day. I know that I have things to do but I really just want to do a little dance and thank my lucky stars.
If you are local to Swanage and are reading my blog and you're in anyway remotely creative you should know that I intend to have Christmas Show in support of PAWF and if you'd like to get involved then you know how to contact me.
I have to take every single opportunity available to plug the current show. It is really good and the work ranges from affordable to save up for. There really is something for everyone and the chance to buy a unique Christmas present for an art lover is right under your very nose.
I would like to see more of my Bournemouth based friends in the gallery, not because I want them to buy art (it would be nice obviously) but more importantly I have very few opportunities to hook up with them now I'm at the gallery full time. So come on, you know you want to get on the ferry, take a picturesque drive, see some art and go for a sneaky shandy at the pub. You know it makes sense.
Never own up to being the reason for the funny smell in a car. That's just some advice that I thought I would share with you and some time soon I'll explain exactly why.
I hope that you have a great day because the sun is shining and if you are lucky enough to not be at work you can make the most of it.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blurry Round The Edges!

Come on Focus!

Why is it called a boredom threshold? I have to know. I think that there are days when you are fully engaged in whatever you are doing and there are other days when you have the attention span of a two year old high on e numbers. Is that a contradiction in terms? E numbers? I'll have to think about that when I can be bothered to focus for longer than, what was I talking about again?
I try various ploys to fool myself into focusing, one of them is to listen to very mellow music. The outcome of that for me today is to make me feel sleepy.
Another thing that I do is to start a job that I think I might enjoy. Who am I kidding? If it has the word job attached to it, I think I am creating a self fulfilling prophecy of boredom. I have no idea where my lack of wanting to focus comes from. I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I have been so over the top focused for the last two weeks my brain (such as it is) is rebelling.
If you too suffer from unexplained lack of focus you've probably already had to re read this paragraph about 10 times. I know I have.
I have a great show on at the gallery and it would seem that regardless of the door being open people would still prefer to look at it through the huge glazed barriers which are other wise known as my windows.
I know that I mention this often but seriously...........come in it is 100% free to look.
Yesterday I mentioned looking for new talent and I really am so if you know some one or you are someone who is creative definitely think about getting in touch. I am literally sat here waiting to hear from you.
As I have spent half the time I have been writing this staring out of the window I am guessing that I should probably go and do something more productive.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Back For Good! Take This!

Yes, I have been!

The best news is that the Suttles (my builder and his wife) had a beautiful baby girl in the early hours of Saturday morning. She is called Poppy Valentine and I am very excited about meeting her very soon.
Where have I been? The truth is that I have been working very hard on developing the business. I cannot quite believe that I spent the majority of last week glued to my computer. Anyone who thinks that my life is just watching thriller after thriller you would be wrong. I watch them when I have come to a complete full stop. That is when my brain refuses to cooperate anymore with the clickety clacking and concentrating.
I am on a mission to make my gallery known as far a field as possible and the only way to do that is to constantly look at every angle. Then shove yourself in it which ever way you will fit.
Had a sale on Saturday! Yay!! I was actually at home dismantling my studio. I no longer have the need for it as I have a purpose built one at the gallery. But as I was unusually pessimistic about the fact that the interested couple had said they were going to go and have a coffee and think about it. I just assumed that my gallery sitter had been told the age old gallery white lie. Apparently not!
I'm sure every one can relate to the fact that I kept finding things that I haven't looked at for years. Stuff from Uni that I'd forgotten that I'd even made. You all know how long and drawn out that makes the process. I was fairly brutal as I have nowhere to store anything it had to be dumped.
I am constantly working on new ideas and ways of keeping the interest going in the gallery and generating new interest. You really could be part of it if you are an artist working locally. Especially, if you are working in a creative and unique way. If you haven't made yourself known to me then you should. I am always on the look out for new and interesting talent. I am particularly keen to attract graduates who need a sympathetic gallery owner to give them a chance. I am that person. If you know of anyone that use use some positive and constructive help in the arts then you know where to send them. I am interested in all media and all ways of working. The more contemporary and cutting edge the better.
You can email me at lartishegallery@mail.com or if you visit the website you can send me an email directly from there.
There will be a big first anniversary party at the end of January. I hope that there will be lots to celebrate as I enter into my second year of trading. I also hope that all of you that are local enough to me will be able to make it.
I won't get my work done if I keep writing my blog so see you all later!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sizzle, Frazzle, Fizzle, Dazzle and Nuzzle

I think any word that has a double z in should be exciting and vibrant and many of them are. Except the one that is hindering everybody's day today! Drizzle! Although I do like it in a culinary context, mmmm lemon drizzle cake.
Incidentally, two of the pictures in this current show have two z's in their titles. If you come in and spot them I will reward you with chocolate.
Wow you don't write  blog for one day and they go and change the whole format on you! As if I don't have enough to think about. I think I can truthfully declare that the weather (rain specifically) was as much of a culprit as the window smudgers. I arrived at the gallery this morning to find the windows covered in a weird greasy layer of grime as well as the usual face/hand prints. It took me two goes with industrial window cleaner to get them back to anywhere near shiny. Arm ache central and I'm not overly impressed that they are as clean as they could be.
I was very sorry to hear on Tuesday that the Photographers Lounge was a victim of mindless vandalism at the weekend. It is hard enough in the recession to make a living without alcohol fueled destruction costing time time, effort and money to put right. I hear there is a petition to get CCTV in the High Street, I am totally signing that if it ever makes it to my door.
I have been asserting my technical prowess this morning. For those of you who would like to read between the lines. I did many technical things that all ended with me holding my breath and crossing my fingers. That is not to mention the accelerated heart beat that accompanies those other two things.
I have tested them and I think I may actually have made them work.
If you would like to sample my handiwork go to www.lartishe.co.uk  You should be redirected to my new website.
For the other thing you will just have to look at the Purbeck Gazette when it comes out.
As you all have heard in previous blogs about my genius builder Matt, you should know that we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the best thing he has made so far......a baby. I am very excited about it and cannot wait to meet him/her. It's imminent so I am sending some positive vibes to him and his lovely wife and hope that all goes well tomorrow.
Another quiet day at the gallery, which means that I get to do all my lovely admin uninterrupted. 
I think it is important that everyone who has the aspiration to be an artist should have the opportunity to show their work in a professional setting and I am brewing an idea that will help to support this. I am not going to reveal too much at this stage but keep reading and you'll find out before too long.
Enough of this blogcrastination iI have at least five more things on my list to get through today.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary To My Blog!

"I often spend time reflecting" said the mirror! Just kidding. Seriously, yesterday I thought I would go and have a look at my first ever blog and I saw that I wrote it on the 5th of September last year. It's official I have been writing my blog for an entire year. You have been with me through the highs and the lows and the down right strange. I kept them nice and short too I bet you miss the good old days.
I have said to many people recently about the steep learning curve that running a business has meant that I would experience. I have made sufficient mistakes to remain humble and and I am grateful if not a little defensive to those well meaning friends who have tried to point me in the right general direction. I have never taken criticism well but I am learning to in a somewhat churlish and petulant way.
You all know who you are so thank you for that if I didn't say so at the time,
It has been wet and windy and that's just me! The weather is so dismal that for about ten minutes this morning I had convinced myself that I shouldn't bother to open today as no one would bother visiting a gallery. Two whole people have proved me wrong. Very nice they were too. Had a nice chat with each of them and they both really liked Jan Dagleys work which is excellent for me as she has hired the gallery in April next year for a solo exhibition.
I have made notes in my diary for things that I would like to mention in my blog as I often think about things I want to tell you about and then forget when it comes to actually writing my blog.
I have been tweaking the website changing a few things and adding a few things. I have added a downloadable application form for any future Open exhibitions. I am trying to formalize my practice as much as I can.
I am in the midst of designing some paper invites that should be interchangeable for each show. Who would have thunk it that I would end up doing quite so much graphic design? Not me.
I am going to end my anniversary blog with an observation that I have made and it's based on fact.
Why is it when you take an exhibition down that has been on for at least a month, someone will come in (without fail) and say I really liked that blue piece (for arguments sake) it's a shame it's not in this show?
It is worse when they say I am still thinking about buying it! From where? Is what I'd like to know. Do they think it makes me feel any better knowing that they would have bought it if it was still here? Or is is it in fact another gallery white lie?
 To bastardize Beyonce's song.
"If you liked it then you should have spent your bling on it!"

Monday, 5 September 2011

Three Out Of Fifty Aint Bad!

It appears that I may have been remiss about fully blowing my own trumpet for managing to get three, that's right three of the Fifty Wessex Artists to take part in my Colour Open Exhibition. I actually know that I had a little help from my friends and for that I am truly grateful. The three in question are Brian Bishop, Bonnie Brown and Georgina Fermer. As always I tell you to make sure that you come and see the current exhibition and I am pleased to say that some of blog readers actually do make it. But people other than me say that it is the best exhibition yet. So it would be great if you could come along and see it.
I have to really sing the praises of the Red Orb Sculpture Exhibition at Leeson House. It was very inspirational and thought provoking. There really was something for everyone. I know I mentioned it on my blog before, I liked it so much I visited it twice. The organizers did a sterling job of pulling such an eclectic mix of work together and making it look good. It's on until 5pm this evening so if you are local and fancy a nice walk with some great sculpture thrown in you know what to do.
The Private View was very well attended on Saturday. No sales as yet but there's plenty of time for that. I have to admit I went straight home to bed afterwards as I was absolutely worn out.
I think that I should let you know that the blog has been going a little crazy of late with this weekend seeing my page views go up to 20,350 which means that there is a lot of people looking these days so when I asked the question about who reads blogs I have had that well and truly answered for me.
I have now written well over 100 blogs and still going strong. Well I suppose that must be true if you are reading this.
I am hoping that this week will be the week when I can actually pick up a paintbrush without painting a wall with it. I have not drawn or painted in nearly three weeks. I am so past cold turkey, that I am that frozen turkey curry languishing in the corner of the deep freeze since Christmas 2009. I hope that I can get through my lists of things to do so that I will have time to do something creative. 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Politically Incorrect

Mmm, that's attractive!

At what point do you think it would be ok to tell a small child that whilst it's very funny to them to push their face and hands up against my newly polished windows if they persist I may well have to throttle them? Before or after I throttle them?
As I had done the inside of the gallery I decided to give the outside a good clean today. It's grubby on the High Street, what with all the passing traffic not to mention the condiment squirters. Incase you haven't come across them before I'll explain. These people go to the pub and probably consume quite a large amount of alcohol they then proceed to a fast food establishment where they will buy some artery thickening food. To accompany said food they will get sachets of various coloured sauces which they will then think it is the height of hilarity to squirt it either up a window or stamp on it to create pavement Pollocks.
I know I have mentioned before the burger/sandwich posters. By posters I mean they will post items of food through your letterbox for fun. You know people have signs that say 'No Junk Mail Please' maybe I could have one that says 'No Junk Food Please'. What do you think? I think that it would probably be a recipe for disaster.
I have to confess I am frost writer. I cannot resist scratching some inane but inoffensive message on frosty cars. I've done it for years.
No blog yesterday as I was very busy putting this show up. I went from having not quite enough to having enough for a second room. I have been developing my arm muscles as  I have had to hang some fairly substantial paintings on my own. It is character building. I think this show looks vibrant and lively with so much colour it is great.
As always you are all more than welcome to come and see it anytime you like.
I would like to thank Matt and Jamie at Beco Belle for bringing me Eggs Benedict and an Espresso for my breakfast this morning. It was an absolute life saver and very tasty indeed.
For all you artists out there I need to tell you about two open exhibitions that are going to take place next year.
One will be drawing and the other will be image and text. So get your creative heads on and think about producing something new.
I have already got some very talented artists lined up for the image and text so it would be good to see what everyone else can come up with.
For those of you who were unable to make it along to Mary Jane Evans show I will be uploading images of it to my website on Monday. If I remember I'll add a link.
I hope that you have a great weekend and I'll let you know on Monday how the Private View went tonight.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Paint Gets Under Your Nails

Yes, it is a hand!

I had a bizarre sense of deja vu today as I did a total repaint in the gallery. I was told that it was because I was perfectionist and that means I will always have plenty to do. Every exhibition in the gallery leaves its mark. Some more than others. Mary Janes' show was no exception. In fact it was probably one of the worst culprits. In order to make sure that the beautiful work stayed put it meant drilling some fairly substantial holes. That means filling them back in afterwards. I have to thank Matt because he has taught me that if there's a tool that makes it easier use it. So I am now the proud owner of a heavy duty sander. It is great!
My walls are white and very smooth. Lovely.
I have started to hang the Colour Open and I am fairly happy with it so far. I have had a few let downs which has meant that there isn't as much work as I was expecting. I am a firm believer in if I say I am going to do something I will 9.75 out of 10 do it.
There are some fantastic local artists in this show and I am proud to have their work in the gallery. I feel very lucky to have the support of these artists as I respect their work and also their perspective on how to nurture and develop the art scene in the Purbecks.
Anyway, as you can tell by the late hour of this posting it is very nearly my bedtime but felt that I should write.
Can you actually believe that Friday is upon us again?
The Private View for the next show is Saturday at 6.30 and if you haven't made it to one recently, why not? Come to this one and enjoy some free food and drink and get some culture under your belt. You know it makes sense.