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Monday, 25 February 2013

Getting My Feathers Ruffled About Naked Birds!

It would seem that my cats do not want me to write my blog. They are taking it in turns to lie on me and prevent me topping my lap with my laptop. Barney, is now nestling into my left elbow so I can get something written.

There are just a few days left until my exhibition. I think I will be ready, got a bit of work to do still but on the whole it's all done.
Chris at Sansom can finally have a well deserved break. It will soon be time to cough up and trust me I will be coughing when I get that particular bill. I can only hope that some bird obsessed nutters (other than me) will be driven to buy something.

There will also be a good selection of non-avian work available too. If you like bright colours and pretty pictures then you should check out my retro work.

We ended Josh's show on a high with two sales. It was really well attended but it would seem that as soon as people saw the huge originals they could not satisfy themselves with small prints. I don't blame them, the power is in the scale and the detail.

If you are around at the weekend there will be plenty of wine at my Private View, I should know as I have bought it all.

Two pieces are already in the windows at the gallery so do please take a look when you pass by.

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