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Thursday, 28 February 2013

I Counted At Least 100 Naked Birds!

I love the fact that this is my editorial in the best local newspaper!
Loving the headline!

I was about to apologise about my complete lack of blogging but then I realised I wrote one on Monday. It feels like ages ago I have to say. I have been just a wee bit busy getting my show up, it is now up. I have already thanked them  but they are definitely worth another mention. Chris at Sansom has been fantastic. I cannot recommend him highly enough, what he can't do with bespoke framing is not worth doing.
Then today I had Shirley as my gallery assistant, she was faultless. What she does brilliantly is that she is honest with me. No sugar coated pill, just as it is. I really respect that.
So normal service can be resumed, I have just got my treasure map to do. Ok so what I mean by that is my price list. If you want to find the treasure you'll have to come and find the map and see what you can find.

I am supporting Marie Curie again this year and will be raffling off a giant Easter egg to raise some cash on their behalf. So if you are coming on Saturday then you need to make sure that you have a spare pound rattling around your pocket.
I am working from so many lists of things to do that I am having to cross reference the lists.

I wonder how much sleep I am going to actually get between now and Saturday? I am like a kid before Christmas. I just hope I get enough so that I do not look like a haggard wreck for my Private View.

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