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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Brian Rice - Kuroi

If the rest of the week is anything like today then I am not sure that I can cope. That's not strictly true, I know that I can just need to keep an eye on my blood pressure.

When you are waiting for the reply to an important email, checking your inbox every five minutes will not encourage it to miraculously appear. I can attest to this.
Checking that your original email has actually sent will not encourage a response to miraculously appear.
Telling everybody that you know that you are waiting for this particular email, will not encourage a reply to miraculously appear.

Here endeth the lesson of waiting for an important email. The truth is that one can only reply to an email, providing that you received the initial email.

Why all this talk of email? Well I have been trying to secure Brian Rice as my guest artist for PAW, I sent the dutiful grovelling emails. He replied in a timely fashion. That was until my last email got lost in the ether. The sleepless nights that followed, the borderline hysteria as a publishing deadline loomed.

The good news is, he has kindly agreed and I will be forever eternally grateful to Bonnie Brown and Brian Bishop (as well as Brian Rice of course) because they metaphorically mopped my fevered brow. Helped me to think outside the box and offered me useful advice and generally listened to me whinge.
When you work on your own there is no such thing as delegation, group chats, etc. I am lucky to have some great people to support me behind the scenes.

This years line up at the gallery is looking so fantastic that for 1000th time I am going to tell you to come along to the gallery and see them all for yourself.

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