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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Josh Hollingshead Starts Today! Come and See It!

What a day I had yesterday, I made and edited a movie then threw it away. I shouted at the spinning rainbow circle several times. I climbed a ladder and given my windows a thorough scrubbing inside and out. I probably drank too much coffee, but I have to give Kaffee and Kuchen a plug, they are my neighbours. If you need (as I often do) a really good coffee, pop in there, they know their beans. It is the business.

All that said it took up my entire day and the last thing that I felt like doing at the end of it all was writing my blog. So I didn't.
Today the gallery has been nice and busy with plenty of people through the door. I can't say that I am surprised as Josh's work is so eye catching you can't help but be intrigued about what is going on the canvases.

If you have seen his work and thought that you really liked it but it is far too big for your house, there are some limited edition giclee prints at the gallery and they are affordable and great quality. Pop in and see them for yourself.

It is nice to have got to the door open again and people through it. I can now focus on the 101 things that still need to be done behind the scenes. I have got to make sure that I have finished everything for my own exhibition. I have got so much to do and if I get my head down I may well actually get it all done.

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