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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Geek Artists Are Us!

Fundamental - Josh Hollingshead

It's up and looking great just one more day until you can see the new Josh Hollingshead exhibition. I have spent the day with Josh getting his exhibition hung and we both realised that we are both art nerds. We both get caught up with the minutiae of the materials that we work with and are fascinated with nature of how things behave when applied.
I only have one other friend who can get so engrossed in the details and that is the artist Mark Lloyd. He can spend days mixing the right colour for a specific part of a painting. What I should say is and is willing to admit it. That is not to say that there are not many more of us out there, because I am convinced that there are.

I am quite excited about the prospect of being open again and having the normality of regular hours. It means that I will actually work less which will be nice. I can focus on getting my own work finished for my exhibition.
It is amazing how the days just don't seem long enough even when I get up early. I miss my lie ins.

So the fellas have gone from the windows I have to say that they did a fantastic job of getting everybody talking. I hope that Robin Beuschers' exhibition causes as much of a stir as the temporary displays have.

If you live locally and fancy an evening of culture then pop along on Saturday at 6.00 and we will give you a glass of wine, some fantastic art and what more could you ask for at 6.00 in Swanage on a Saturday?

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