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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Maximising Your Own Potential in 2013

I might be ready to write this now. It is that time of year that we are reflecting on what has gone before and thinking about changes that need to be made.
For those of us who are self employed it is about maximising our earning potential. This is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how willing you are to work, if no one has anything for you to do, there is a lot of thumb twiddling and navel gazing.
This is the time for doing all those jobs that have been postponed. The ones that will put you firmly on everyones radar.
For me that means a solid programme of website designing my own and the studios but the problem is that my internet at the gallery is on a virtual go slow and uploading high res images is making the computer groan and subsequently die.
It also is the time to start all of those creative endeavours that are put on the back burner due to everything else getting in the way.
For me that means getting ready for my exhibition. Still a fair bit to do for that, I am more than half way though so that is a relief.

The fact that my neighbours have every complained about noise is crazy! If you could hear the row going on up there you would know that it should be me complaining.

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